Cairo and Giza, Egypt, 2008

Cairo, Egypt
Sunday, October 19, 2008

The boys will make better egyptologists than mom. They gamely venture into the tomb of the second pyramid. Down the steep steps in the tunnel so low only Hamish could stand up. Into the hot musty stale air. I baled out halfway down the first set of steps. It took several minutes for my heart to slow down once I came up. The boys reemerged ten minutes later full of the triumph of having survived the spooky tomb.

The sphinx was a big hit with both. Probably because they had seen it on Scooby Doo. The pyramids were sort if bigger than we thought outside and smaller than we thought inside. There are 2600000 stones in the biggest pyramid.

We weren't disappointed by the bustle of Cairo as we drove through last night. Love the fact there are no traffic lights in the country and everyone just gets on with it. It was a remarkably calm and civilized drive in. Given the terrible driving we've seen other places, they could save money eliminating them as well. Naples comes to mind.

Both boys slept through the 0430 call to prayer. I think it will surprise them when they hear it later.

It was surprisingly hazy last night and this morning. Not sure if that is weather or pollution.

After, the pyramids and sphinx, we were off to the Egyptian museum. This was a treat for the boys. We saw the king tut exhibit in London last year but, of course, none of the gold and jewels were there. I think H will get a laugh out if the ancient toilet seat as well. He is a small boy after all.

What the boys took away from the day about daily life:

  • There were no cats or dogs on the streets. The apartments are too small for people to have pets.
  • There were lots of apartments that were lived in even though the buildings weren't finished because people move in as soon as the first floor is roofed in then finish bits as they have a little money.
  • Satellite dishes are a priority over windows.
  • We learned the Nile us 6667 km long. It runs through seven countries.
  • Most people marry between 25-32 and still meet their spouse through parents. Most families are one to two children.

Small boys love Egypt.

Tonight we board the train from Giza station and head overnight to Aswan.